Wednesday, July 28, 2021 10:27
Absolute Aquaculture Africa


Absolute Aquaculture Africa is a pioneer in the Aqua- and Marine Culture Industry in South Africa.


Our expertise includes the establishment of aqua & marine production plants for catfish, tilapia, abalone, shrimps and mussels. Our technology include Aereanation, Circulation, Degassing, Destratification, Filtration, Foam Fractionation, Oxygenation, Pumping, Water and Bottom Cleaning, Hydraulic and Mechanical support.

Our innovative products, systems and plants optimise, safeguard and protect the aquatic and marine environment, increase the profitability and productivity of aqua & marine farms.

Absolute Aquaculture Africa is the supplier of products and expertise of internationally renowned aquaculture company, Acqua&Eco, Italy. We combine the biological know-how to the processes and its ability to propose solutions and instruments that make operation possible on small experimental or research plants, as well as on large scale breeding farms.

We do not waste water. We recover it after use. We protect it to generate new life.